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Tableau Web Data Connector for SAP BusinessObjects Universe

Analysts in an enterprise environment usually have to deal with data from a multitude of sources. One of the most prevalent is SAP Business Objects and while it does provide enterprise-level capabilities to IT, it might not provide all the capabilities and agility analysts require. The analyst wishing to leverage the powerful visualization and storytelling capabilities of Tableau in these companies had to go through the tedious process of requesting extracts from the IT/BI department. This can now be mitigated with Starschema’s SAP Business Objects – Tableau Web Data Connectors. All data sources using Starschema’s Business Object Web Data Connectors can be published and refreshed on Tableau Server.


Universe Query Connector

By using SAP BO’s own REST API we can access BO Universes and pass the structure through a gateway into a format that Tableau can reuse.

The WDC connection essentially generates a user interface that is familiar from SAP BO so the learning phase should be instantaneous – from here the basis of any number of analyses can be generated and further refined in Tableau. This connector provides an ad-hoc query tool for more experienced analysts.

Query as a Web Service Connector

Business Objects provides facilities to publish charts and tables as web services. By using Starschema’s Query as a Web Service Connector it is possible for every business user to consume predefined tables or charts from Business Objects – no need to create your own query each time.

The QaaWS connector also provides an option to refresh a document on open or to use the last saved instance of the document. All prompts used by the document can also be set on the Web Data Connector panel:


Get the most out of your SAP BO Data

  • Predifined Filters
  • Prompts
  • Extract Publish and Refresh
  • Universe Metadata Download
  • BO Report Refresh for Latest Instance and “Refresh and Open”
  • Query as a Service Prompts
  • Support Included

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for the components of the SAP BO – Tableau Connectors:

  • Java JRE 1.8+
  • REST API enabled in Business Objects
  • Universe Designer authorization for Universe Query users
  • Whitelisting the WDC-s for published extract refresh on Tableau Server (requires a restart) – WDC-based connections are always extract-based in Tableau.
  • Tableau Server version 10.0+