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Our Belief

At Starschema we believe that data has the power to change the world and data-driven organizations are leading the way. We help organizations use data to make better business decisions, build smarter products, and deliver more value for their customers, employees and investors. We dig into our customers' toughest business problems, design solutions and build the technology needed to compete and profit in a data-driven world.

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Our Mission

In data we trust. Data is a source of truth but the truth is often hidden. Even with the best tools, it’s hard to find and access that truth so your people can make the best decisions. Our mission is to help you get at that truth — to apply the latest technologies, methods and knowledge to your data challenges and build fast, scalable solutions that make your people more effective and company more profitable.

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Our Promise

You have the data, now’s time to extract maximum value from it. We promise to provide industry-leading experts to evaluate your needs and design and build the highest quality scalable solutions that have a real impact on your business.


Csillag portrait

Peter Csillag

Founder, CEO


Peter knows that customers’ need technical solutions that solve real business problems, and the solution often resides in how data is made assessable and used.

As CEO of Starschema, Peter strives to provide a great work environment filled with top performers who are treated with respect and excellence. He knows that happy and content employees, deliver superior results for customers and investors.

Before starting Starschema, Peter worked 20+ years in data related technical and managerial fields for companies like Oracle, TCS, and Teradata.

When not working — and that’s not often — you might find Peter sporting, listening to rock music or drinking Belgian beer — or possibly all three simultaneously.

Foldi portrait

Tamas Foldi

Founder, CTO


Tamas believes that every business is on a data journey and it’s his mission to help each client find the most effective and direct route.

As CTO, Tamas leads the Starschema technical team to deliver results for some of the most innovative and demanding companies. Tamas ensures the best technologies for the job are used, and the most efficient methods are implemented.

Prior to co-founding Starschema to help solve the toughest business data challenges, Tamas worked as a white hat hacker and professional consultant for fortune 500 clients.

Tamas is an active advocate of data literacy, current Zen Master of Tableau for the fifth consecutive year and considered one of the top data consultants in the world. He’s a nice guy too.

Gergely Kocsis - VP of Sales and Delivery

Gergely Kocsis

VP of Sales and Delivery

Gergely believes that enterprise business challenges can be analyzed and solved, or even prevented, with the support of data. He also believes data is a source of hidden business opportunities.

As VP of Sales and Delivery, Gergely finds and delivers effective and elegant data solutions that solve customers’ toughest challenges.

Gergely has spent 20+ years in senior management positions in finance and telecom sectors. His approach is: where there is a will, there is a way. As a Lego fan he is a builder-type manager, he loves creating organizations, solutions and services from scratch.

He’s played basketball for 30 years including one year for the Hungarian national team — and he writes many non-technical blog’s about life, travelling and his coffee addiction.

Tamas Balassa - VP of Business Operations

Tamas Balassa

VP of Business Operations

Tamas believes great people, excellent services and world class business operation are key to delivering outstanding customer outcomes.

In his role, Tamas is responsible for process development, strategy and M&A. He works tirelessly to ensure Starschema delivers top notch solutions on-time and on-budget.

After starting his career in banking and finance, Tamas managed investments at a VC where he worked with early and later stage technology startups.

This is where he developed his passionate for technology, which is second only to his passion for playing squash.

Gergo Kardos - CFO

Gergo Kardos


Gergo lives the core values of discipline and excellence, and as Starschema CFO, we’re glad he does.

Gergő is responsible for all aspects of Starschema’s finances. His attention to detail and experience ensures that Starschema maintains excellent financial health.

As a former Big 4 auditor, Gergo spent many years in accounting, reporting and internal control procedures of companies at all stages, large and small.

Gergo is a self-service BI and DataViz enthusiast — we expect any day to see a DataViz of his triathlon results.

Gergely Kocsis - VP of Sales and Delivery

Gergely Kocsis

VP of Sales and Delivery

Tamas Balassa - VP of Business Operations

Tamas Balassa

VP of Business Operations

Gergo Kardos - CFO

Gergo Kardos




Tamás Földi and Péter Csillag establish Starschema

Shifted business focus to specialize in emerging big data technologies: Hadoop, Tableau, Talend, Greenplum

Partnered with SAP



Partnered with Tableau

237% growth from 8 to 27 employees



111% growth from 27 to 57 employees

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the first time

100% growth for the third consecutive year — from 57 to 132 employees

Ranked #1590 on Inc. Fast 5000 in Europe

Launched the Palette suite of products with Palette Insights

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the second time


Ranked #1535 on Inc. Fast 5000 in Europe — second consecutive year on list

Awarded Deloitte Fast 500 Europe

Awarded the most innovative company in Hungary for Real Time Datalake Solution

Recognized by Budapest Stock Exchange – Top 50 Prosperous Companies

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the third consecutive year

Launched Palette Rescue

Licensed as AWS reseller


572% revenue growth — 2016 through 2018

Acquired Brilliant Data — San Francisco based innovation hub

Secured private equity investment for US expansion

Opened US office in Washington DC

Ranked #1280 on Inc. 5000 Europe — third consecutive year on list

Awarded AON – Best Employer, Hungary

Péter Csillag receives the Tibor Gyurós Award — Information Manager of the Year

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the fourth consecutive year

Became founding members of Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary


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United States

2221 South Clark St., Arlington (Crystal City), VA 22202

+1 415 944-5455


Vaci Rd. 99., Budapest 1139

Szentharomsag St. 8., Szeged 6700

+36 (1) 445 2082

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