We live on the cutting edge of technology.

Creative Work environment

Creative Work environment with employee autonomy to make decisions. We're friendly, approachable and fun.

Delivery approach

We deliver quality products, services and experiences — on time.


We take responsiblity for our work and personal actions.


We're experts and actively seek out knowledge and understanding.

Work autonomy

We're empowered to deploy our knowledge, expertise and know how to solve customer problems.


General Benefits

  • Medicover health insurance
  • Birthday vacation day
  • Top technical training and career advancement opportunities
  • Flexible home office
  • English classes
  • Unlimited gym pass
  • Personal, legal, financial and professional counseling services
  • Child bonus and extra vacation days
  • Generous phone plan and device purchase support
  • Transit Pass
In-office Benefits
  • In-office massage
  • Office parking space
  • Abundant snacks and drinks
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Communicating complex insights in simple ways

Important insights often go uncommunicated due to poor data communication methods. As a member of our data science and data visualization teams you’ll use the latest scientific methods and data visualization techniques to effect change in client organizations. You’ll work with and learn from experts and develop advanced skills that deliver more value and let your creativity shine.

Facebook challenges

Tackling the challenges of the world’s biggest companies

Ever wonder what challenges leading innovative companies like Facebook or Netflix face? At Starschema you’ll have the opportunity to work as part of a world class team with cutting edge technologies on innovative projects that change organizations and affect immense numbers of people. Truly this is work that creates solutions to businesses toughest data challenges.

NYC Tableau Hackathon

Helping organizations become data-driven

Every organization relies on data but few have truly made the jump to become a data-driven organization. We help organizations create a data-driven culture and adopt data into their very core. Your contribution to this process is integral as our clients trust your expertise and skill-set to help them along this journey. You get to be part of a team that is helping companies make one of most important strategic changes in their history.

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Creating sustainable and scalable data pipelines

There is a limitless number of data sources today that an organization can use. However, in order for the data to reach the data team so insights and value can be discovered and acted on, proper infrastructure has to be set up. This is the foundation of any data-driven organization and as part of the data engineering team, you will help design, develop and configure sustainable and scalable data pipelines that deliver the right data to the right at the right times so maximum value can be realized.


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Four Things Data Viz Practitioners Can Do to “Get Better at Design”

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