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Ic services strategic consulting

Strategic Consulting

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Ic services data engineering

Data Engineering

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Data Science & Visualization

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Software Engineering

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Tableau Solutions

Custom solutions that extend Tableau’s functionality, improve performance and realize business value.

Tableau Products

Take control of Tableau server with the Palette suite of products.

Tableau Consulting

Strategic and tactical plans for best of class deployments led by four-time Tableau Zen Master, Tamas Foldi.


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Elements for Tableau

Transform Tableau dashboards into a collaboration hub. Make data more accessible to everyone to be able to share, discuss and act on.

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Access, view, and manage all your BI reports in one place by using a web-based report management tool.

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Rescue 4k

Palette Rescue

Palette Rescue ensures that your users are never interrupted by a Tableau Server crash. By using Palette Rescue you instantly have access to your last backup. No stress, no worry, no inconvenience.

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Trust 4k palette

Palette Trust

Automate monitoring, display communications and handle all related communications directly on Tableau Server.

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