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Palette Trust

Automated Tableau Server monitoring and status notification

With Palette Trust Tableau Server administrators can communicate outage notifications, including direct communications and automated outage notifications directly on Tableau Server. Palette Trust automatically polls Tableau Server for internal process statuses and creates notifications based on predefined rules. No more automated messages sent through distribution lists to interrupt and be ignored.


  • Communicates planned outages and maintenance windows directly on Tableau Server.
  • Fallback status page in case Tableau Server goes down.
  • Handles multiple clusters in one Palette Trust instance.
  • Automatically creates notifications for users displayed directly in Tableau if outage occurs.
  • Sends email notification about relevant status changes, if required.

System Requirements
Palette Trust Server

  • RedHat6+ with at least 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB hard disk
  • SMTP server for sending email notifications

Palette Trust Frontend

  • Web browsers: Chrome 47+, Firefox 43+, Edge 14+

Palette Trust Popup

  • Tableau Server 10.5 -2019.2
  • Web browsers: Chrome 47+, Firefox 43+, Edge 14+

Contact an expert :
Endre Jenei
Product Manager
[email protected]

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