Fuel consumption optimization

Fuel consumption optimization

Using a state-of-the-art analytical application

Fuel consumption optimization is one of the key business efficiency measures of our Fortune 500 client to reduce costs and provide improved services for its clients. The requirement for the build of this application was to get fast results utilizing the customer’s own private cloud platform with the available toolset for UI development.

By having the entire/complete technology stack served out by the private cloud platform we were able to quickly deploy and scale the application to the required level. Using our suggested architecture of different microservices, our client was able to showcase the application to its customers within four month of development time providing key insights to customer data.

Supporting multi-level analytical drill-down capabilities for different geospatial levels and assets, the users are able to quickly identify problematic areas and get key insights about the exact root causes and details of the problems. This kind of end-to-end analytical capability was not available in the existing technology stack and provides a significant market advantage to our client in reaching their goals.

Our team was made up of both backend, frontend developers and architects in building the final solution. We tackled the following technology stack:

  1. Python 3.5
  2. Polymer and custom JS
  3. Node.JS
  4. Different cloud services for data storage and authentication

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