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We are helping to roll out Tableau, operating Tableau Server for tens of thousands of users, and developing custom dashboards like no other consultancy. While we are working with customers we often came across handy and sometimes important features and tools Tableau still has not implemented. With the lead of our very own white-hat Zenmaster Hacker of Tableau, we implement solutions to these weaknesses in the form of our own Tableau tools or workarounds.

Tableau Tools by Starschema.

Palett Rescue – Disaster Recovery And Backup

Palette Rescue ensures that your users are never interrupted by a server crash. We instantly allow access to your last backup. No stress, no worry, no inconvenience. Your users won’t even know there was an issue.

Metadata Audit

Extract data lineage information directly from your Tableau Repository. It enables you to retrieve workbook and data source column linage information to perform impact analysis on backend changes, trace errors back to the data sources, or to debug the data flow process.

Tableau Tracker

Tableau Tracker enables you to easily measure and understand how people consume and interact with dashboards. Tableau Tracker can anonymously collect data like clicks and filter changes for every single user so you can create better visualizations and optimize performance.

SAP Business Objects Universe Connector for Tableau

By using SAP’s own BusinessObjects SDK we can access BO Universes and pass the structure through a gateway into a format that Tableau can reuse. It allows everyone to design new workbooks based on new universe queries without the need of WebI reports or Query-as-a-WebService endpoints.

Excel Extractor for Tableau

Export the underlying or crosstab data into multi-sheet Excel files with a single click.

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