Tableau Tools

We are helping to roll out Tableau, operating Tableau Server for tens of thousands of users, and developing custom dashboards like no other consultancy. While we are working with customers we often came across handy and sometimes important features and tools Tableau still has not implemented. With the lead of our very own  white-hat Zenmaster Hacker of Tableau, we implement solutions to these weaknesses in the form of our own Tableau tools, or workarounds and little hacks that we publish as tutorials.

Starschema Tableau Tools available for download


Tableau Extract Optimizer

Extract files generated with the Tableau SDK are not Optimized by default, i.e. calculations are not materialized. This could result in subpar performance when published to Tableau. We created a solution to generate optimized Tableau extracts (TDE files) and publish them to Tableau Server. The solution relies on the VizQL Command API which is an internal, non-public programming interface within Tableau.

Repository consistency checker tool

Starschema’s Tableau Repository consistency checker tool allows you to check if there is any inconsistency between your Filestore objects (extracts and revisions) and Filestore references in the repository and vica versa by mapping the link between repo references and filestore objects.

SAP Business Objects Universe Connector for Tableau

By using SAP’s own BusinessObjects SDK we can access BO Universes and pass the structure through a gateway into a format that Tableau can reuse. It allows everyone to design new workbooks based on new universe queries without the need of WebI reports or Query-as-a-WebService endpoints.

Auto-refresh for Tableau dashboards

This simple tool allows you to create auto-refreshing Tableau dashboards without making any necessary modifications in any dashboard on any server or embedding the dashboards into another page.

Tableau to Excel: our free Tableau Extractor tool

We all know that guy who begs for crosstab excel export from his favourite Tableau dashboard, but Tableau intentionally does not have any option to do this. No worries, we have a solution for for him and you.

Tableau Cnake – Playing with the JS API from ClojureScript

Sometimes we just want to have fun, so we create unnecessary things. Yes, this is an interactive Nokia-like Snake game using Tableau Javascript API built in ClojureScript.