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We live and breathe Tableau

After almost a decade working with Tableau at a wide variety of customers, we adopted, mastered and polished the best practices of Tableau development, implementation and operations. Our holistic approach ensures your Tableau projects are aligned with your business strategy to realize the most value of your data. We work closely with clients on-site, off-shore or near-shore depending on client needs.


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Tableau Consulting

Capitalize on the many years of multi-industry BI experience we gathered and created while working with companies from mid-size to Fortune 500s. Our best-in-class consultants can help aligning your organization’s business strategy with your Tableau and other BI efforts by:

  • Benchmarking current capabilities and reviewing business processes
  • Creating or refining Self-Service BI strategy with Tableau in the center
  • Business Analysis and requirements specification for Tableau development projects
  • Project Management for Tableau rollout and development
  • Tableau Server and Desktop Best practices
  • Design and develop Tableau proof of concepts


Tableau Development

Top-notch solutions from the best Tableau developers you can hire. Our experts thrive in:

  • Integrating Tableau into your current BI environment so you can utilize every single bit of your data in your visual analytic efforts.
  • Developing Tableau dashboards applying advanced Tableau jedi ticks, cognitive science and graphic design so you can have the most compelling Tableau dashboards possible.
  • Developing Custom visualizations and advanced calculations in Tableau dashboards using D3, WebGL, R and other libraries.
  • Optimizing Tableau workbooks and dashboards so you can have fast and responsive Tableau dashboards


Operations and Support

Tableau Server is a real Starschema specialty. Our world-class Tableau Operations and Support team gives 7/24 coverage for more than 70000 named Tableau users worldwide. You can count on our Tableau certified professionals around the clock in:

  • Building and operating custom Tableau Server monitoring solutions
  • Configuring and fine tuning your Tableau cluster for high performance, availability and redundancy
  • Cloud deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server
  • Infrastructure automation with our own tools we created throughout the years of Tableau Server operation
  • Deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server on Linux



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