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Valuable data has an important role to optimize and develop the right strategy and reach even the toughest goals. Operations and processes can be optimized by revealing anomalies through visual analytics, and predictive analytics can help you stay on the top of any future risks.


Manufacturing industry is currently sitting on a mountain of an opportunity as it generates valuable data every step of the way that can be used to optimize and develop the right strategy to yield an enduring advantage. We know the cyclical nature of the industry and the complex challenges it faces, and we persistently help our clients utilize data to achieve their toughest goals.


Equipment Effectiveness Analysis

Our overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) analytics solution collects data generated by each piece of equipment, processes it and presents it in an interactive dashboard. The dashboard provides a deeper look into operations and reveals anomalies through visual analytics. Drill down into the data directly from your dashboards to gain insight, identify root cause of an issue and unlock opportunities. Predictive analytics can be applied to existing dashboard to help you stay on top of any future risks or potential loss.


Inventory Optimization

Effective inventory optimization goes beyond just having enough product to meet the demand. An effectively managed inventory can result in cost savings at every step of the operation and translate to greater profit. Our inventory optimization solution allows you to match supply volume with real-time customer demand to eliminate the cost of overstock, revenue loss and create a leaner operation.


Warranty Analysis

A warranty sends a message to consumers. It conveys the quality of the product and reduces perceived risk of purchase, making the product more competitive in the marketplace. Warranty data can also be a tremendous opportunity for the manufacturer. It can be used to identify root causes of product defects and other issues. This has cross product application as products may share processes, materials and other conditions. Starschema’s warranty analytics solutions traces product defects, faulty parts and materials, or a problematic step in the manufacturing process. It also identifies fraudulent warranty claims using our machine learning-based solution for fraud detection.



Manufacturers often rely on tight margins that require swift and accurate decision making. Results from these decisions affect every stakeholder and overall company performance. Starschema’s financial data solutions use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered dashboards deliver accurate internal and external data — in real-time — as it’s generated to reveal decision making insights. This centralized dashboard consolidates multiple reporting dashboards and makes the organization more effective by easing the process of accessing, visualizing and making data driven decisions. As a bonus, the dashboard allows the financial org to communicate core decision to the other line of businesses with up to date and accurate data directly from the dashboard. Finally, true single pane of glass financial analytics for complex organizations.


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