Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Scalable Data Pipelines

Building and managing proper pipelines is a core building block for any data-driven organization. Data pipelines allow data to get from multiple points to a designated data storage point. Setting up proper scalable data pipelines — appropriate the particular organization — ensures proper security, ease of access and the ability to extract maximum value from the data. Starschema’s implementation expertise and continued data pipeline management support extends and enhances the data-driven capabilities of any organization.

Data Engineering

Data Lakes

Data lakes give an organization the unique ability to harness more data from more sources in less time. This can take place in real-time or not. The data is collected into one centralized location and done at low cost. We build data products on top of the data lakes to analyze the data in distinct ways, gain insights and create value out of the data your organization generates and imports. Our custom services establish governance, semantic consistency and access controls to these data lakes and turn the data lakes into a full enterprise grade solution.

Data Engineering

Cloud Analytics

Deploying analytics at scale doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Modern cloud analytics unlocks full enterprise grade capability — both quickly and cost efficiently. Cloud Analytics can be used by organizations big and small and can easily and economically scale up existing analytics operations. Starschema helps customers get started with Cloud Analytics and optimize existing deployments. We stay current on the latest advances and technologies, so our customers get the most value from Cloud Analytics.


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