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Writeback for Tableau


Every data-driven organization makes data more accessible to everyone and easier to share, discuss, and act upon. This data democratization improves the decision-making ability across every function of the organization. No longer is the data needed to make informed decisions buried in email chains or multiple versions of Excel workbooks or long slide decks. It is readily accessible, in a single version and visualized to make insights easy to grasp. Writeback enables Tableau users to comment on the data directly from the dashboards. This further accelerates communication around the data and leads to faster and more informed decisions.

Writeback for Tableau

Transform Tableau dashboards into a collaboration hub

With Writeback for Tableau your team can gain faster, better insights transforming dashboards from merely a way to view data into a hub of actionable collaboration. You can eliminate the traditional, inefficient and difficult to manage data review and commentary process.

  • Additional context from annotating complex aggregated and raw data along with its dimensions.
  • Complete history of comments for audit or backup purposes.
  • Only one external database required to record comments — your data never leaves your premises.
  • Commenting done via modal window — similar to a pop-up window within the browser — saving dashboard space.
  • Four different ways to comment: text box, radio button, checkbox and dropdown item selection.
  • Works in locked-down environments where creating tables on the fly in test and production environments is not an option.

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