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Manage your trusted extensions easily

Starschema’s Secure Extension Gallery provides a simple and clean web user interface for adding and configuring Tableau extensions in the secure gallery. As an administrator, you can specify the basic attributes for each extension (name, author, version, description, etc.), and you can whitelist those external resources (e.g., app servers), which are required for the extension to run properly. Once set, enable the extension and others can start using it.

  • Custom gallery of sandboxed Tableau extensions with the ability to whitelist trusted external resources
  • Sleek web user interface for easy administration
  • Simple and secure access through multiple authentication methods (Basic, AD, OAuth)
  • Compatible with Tableau Server version 2018.2 and above
  • Custom branding and development available
Managed Data Services

Today’s data platforms are complex, dynamic environments critical to the success of your organization. Starschema’s managed data services ensure high availability and peak performance while reducing operational costs of your data pipeline.

Palette Rescue

With Tableau’s Disaster Recovery method, large deployments can take 10+ hours to backup and same to restore. Even if you back up daily like you should, if disaster strikes you’ll lose a full day of productivity, and a full day of data. Palette Rescue ensures that your users are never interrupted by a server crash.

Palette Insights

Our client, a Fortune 100 company spanning multiple industries, operates a Tableau environment with thousands of users. To ensure optimum performance and provide great user experience, the client needed to gain a deep understanding of how their Tableau Server resources were being utilized.

Tableau Solutions

Hundreds of companies — Fortune 10 through startups — rely on Tableau and Starschema to see, understand, and use their data to drive business results. Our Tableau solutions are engineered to bridge the gap between the out-ofthe-box Tableau capabilities and the needs of our Fortune 500 clients. These solutions are cost effective, and can rapidly and easily be implemented in the enterprise environment.

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