Web-based curation and data storytelling for BI assets

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One Place for All Your Data

Reportal provides a single point of reference for all internal and external reports and sources of information that users rely on for their business workflows. View and interact with data across multiple systems from a single landing area, filtering data and drilling down in their native interface as needed. Set up personal and team spaces to populate with user or team-curated content and get recommendations for relevant content based on usage history. If only certain elements of a workbook are relevant to a space, add them separately and even have them appear in multiple spaces with automatic synchronization of changes.


Tell the Story behind the Data

Reportal includes a fully-featured editor that enables users to combine the various asset types integrated into the platform to create a data story. Thanks to its user-friendly WYSIWYG annotation interface, you can easily add comments, context and narratives to your stories using text and images and include multiple reports and assets coming from different sources. This results in both richer and more focused reports where every insight is communicated clearly.


Get a Better View of the Data

Reportal’s display optimization features empower you to get deeper insights from your data faster. With Multiview, you can have two or more reports in a side-by-side arrangement – no more jumping between applications and sizing windows. You can also apply filters simultaneously to the different dashboards and BI software displayed in Multiview and set filters to carry over even when switching between software. The optional Autozoom function enables the user to see more of dashboards without compromising readability.


Simplify Access and Ensure Security

Reportal’s flexible architecture provides integration with a variety of authentication providers for enterprise-grade security. Microsoft AD, Google Auth and SAML are supported out-of-the-box, and it is possible to integrate with any custom authentication software. Single Sign-On allows users to access the reports without needing to authenticate multiple times. Reportal automatically pulls entitlements from report sources for each user to ensure reports are only viewed by authorized individuals.


Easy Configuration and Administration

Adding and configuring asset types is easy. Data from the source is pulled immediately after the connection is established, and Reportal keeps all assets up-to-date with hourly content synchronization. It is also possible to integrate fully custom visualizations and data sources not hosted on third-party analytics platforms. Whether BI software like Tableau, PowerBI, QlikSense and Plotly Dash or static files, hyperlinks, communication channels and interactive charts, Reportal’s generic plugin-based architecture allows the integration of a wide range of custom sources.


Customize It

Think of Reportal as a platform that gives you its core benefits with minimal configuration but can also serve as the foundation for custom development that maximizes its inherent benefits in your unique use cases. Whether it’s features specific to your environment or a new asset type, Starschema’s software developers, data science, data engineering experts, and development team can deliver the right solution for your needs.

  • One web-based place for all your business-critical assets, including all major analytics platforms (Tableau, PowerBI, Plotly Dash, etc.)
  • Tell the story behind the data by adding narratives to your reports
  • Create new reports and combine existing ones
  • Promote collaboration and productivity by organizing reports and users into curated workspaces
  • Integrate a wide range of custom data sources and visualizations
  • Easily find and discover relevant content with smart search and recommendations
  • Use Reportal as a platform for easy custom development to tailor it to any environment and use cases
  • Variety of supported authentication methods including Single Sign-On (Microsoft AD, Google Auth, SAML, etc.)
  • On-premises, cloud and Kubernetes deployments
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