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Palette Rescue


Real-time disaster recovery for Tableau

Palette Rescue

With Tableau’s Disaster Recovery method, large deployments can take 10+ hours to backup and same to restore. Even if you back up daily like you should, if disaster strikes you’ll lose a full day of productivity, and a full day of data.

Palette Rescue

Palette Rescue continuously streams changes of your active cluster and migrates them to replica clusters (up to five). If there's ever a problem or issue, your team can switch to that second Tableau Server cluster with just one click. Your users are never interrupted by unexpected downtime — they won’t even know there was an issue.

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Keep Tableau clusters in sync
  • Switchover with no data loss
  • Continuously run backups without impacting Tableau performance
  • Centralize your backup of multiple clusters

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