Elements for Tableau

Enterprise-class write-back and dashboard collaboration

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Elements for Tableau

Annotate Data

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Elements for Tableau

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Elements for Tableau

Manage Access

Elements for Tableau

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  • Annotate complex aggregated and raw data along with its dimensions
  • Authenticate users through preferred methods including AD, SAML, OAuth and Okta
  • Enterprise-grade access management with full control over user and group permissions
  • Multitenant architecture provides isolated workspaces for departments, divisions or teams
  • Fully audit-compliant with a complete history of comments and user activity
  • A single external database records comments and annotations — your data never leaves your premises
  • Commenting via modal windows for efficient user experience
  • Easy-to-use form builder with multiple input field types: text box (including rich text), radio button, checkbox, drop-down list, number field, sliders, autocomplete field, etc.
  • Secure approval workflow supporting multiple approvers is integrated into the commenting process
Enterprise-class Write-back and Dashboard Collaboration for Tableau

At the core of every data-driven organization is the ability to make data easy to access, share, discuss and act on. Elements for Tableau enables dashboard users to modify the data and collaborate directly from the dashboard. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out what Elements can do for you and your team.

Dashboard Collaboration for Tableau

At the heart of data driven organizations lies the concept of data democratization: making data more accessible to everyone and making it easier to share, discuss, and act upon. Data visualization tools like Tableau help companies view, understand and leverage their data to make better decisions about their business.