Tableau Solutions

Services, custom development and extensions to maximize your Tableau deployment

Hundreds of companies — Fortune 10 through startups — rely on Tableau and Starschema to see, understand, and use their data to drive business results. Our Tableau solutions are engineered to bridge the gap between the out-ofthe-box Tableau capabilities and the needs of our Fortune 500 clients. These solutions are cost effective, and can rapidly and easily be implemented in the enterprise environment.


Tableau Consulting

Capitalize on the many years of multi-industry BI experience we gathered and created while working with companies from mid-size to Fortune 500s. Our best-in-class consultants can help aligning your organization’s business strategy with your Tableau and other BI efforts by:

  • Benchmarking current capabilities and reviewing business processes
  • Creating or refining Self-Service BI strategy with Tableau in the center
  • Business Analysis and requirements specification for Tableau development projects
  • Project Management for Tableau rollout and development
  • Tableau Server and Desktop Best practices
    Design and develop Tableau proofs of concept

Dashboard Development & Optimization

Top-notch solutions from the best Tableau developers you can hire. Our experts thrive in:

  • Integrating Tableau into your current BI environment so you can utilize every single bit of your data in your visual analytic efforts.
  • Developing Tableau dashboards applying advanced Tableau jedi ticks, cognitive science and graphic design so you can have the most compelling Tableau dashboards possible.
  • Developing Custom visualizations and advanced calculations in Tableau dashboards using D3, WebGL, R and other libraries.
  • Optimizing Tableau workbooks and dashboards so you can have fast and responsive Tableau dashboards.


Tableau Tracker

Understand how people interact with dashboards with data such as clicks and filter changes for each user. With insights gained from user behavior data, you can create better visualizations and optimize performance.

Palette Insight

See exactly — down to the most basic detail — what’s happening inside your Tableau Server, optimize performance and maximize your Tableau investment.

Palette Rescue

Real-time disaster recovery for Tableau. Never worry about data loss and save time in case hardware failure.

Palette Trust

Automate monitoring and display communications on Tableau Server. No more automated messages sent through distribution lists to interrupt and be ignored.

Custom Development

In an increasingly data-driven world, more complex and a custom need for data visualization is arising and we meet our clients demand through custom extensions and API modifications within Tableau. Extensions also offer added features that are unique to our clients while ever increasing Tableau’s value to our clients.

Tableau Operations & Support

Tableau Server is a real Starschema specialty. Our world-class Tableau Operations and Support team gives 24/7 coverage for more than 70000 named Tableau users worldwide. You can count on our Tableau certified professionals around the clock in:

  • Building and operating custom Tableau Server monitoring solutions
  • Configuring and fine tuning your Tableau cluster for high performance, availability and redundancy
  • Cloud deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server
  • Infrastructure automation with our own tools we created throughout the years of Tableau Server operation
  • Deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server on Linux
Create a DataViz Design Guide - a cornerstone of a data-driven culture

A data visualization design guide creates standards that will help your team more effectively communicate with data and be a foundation for a thriving data-driven culture. Watch this on-demand webinar to get a head start on creating your own dataviz design guide.

Enterprise-class Write-back and Dashboard Collaboration for Tableau

At the core of every data-driven organization is the ability to make data easy to access, share, discuss and act on. Elements for Tableau enables dashboard users to modify the data and collaborate directly from the dashboard. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out what Elements can do for you and your team.

Elements for Tableau

Elements for Tableau extends the Tableau dashboard experience by allowing users to both write-back to the data source and communicate about data — change a datapoint, have a discussion and show revision history — all directly from within Tableau dashboards.

Palette Rescue

With Tableau’s Disaster Recovery method, large deployments can take 10+ hours to backup and same to restore. Even if you back up daily like you should, if disaster strikes you’ll lose a full day of productivity, and a full day of data. Palette Rescue ensures that your users are never interrupted by a server crash.

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