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Palette Insights

Deep Tableau server insights and alerts

Practice Area

  • Data Visualization

Business Impact

  • Improved user experience
  • Improved communication to users


  • Large, distributed Tableau deployment
  • Need for dashboard-level performance metrics
  • Difficulty communicating outages




Our client, a Fortune 100 company spanning multiple industries, operates a Tableau environment with thousands of users. To ensure optimum performance and provide great user experience, the client needed to gain a deep understanding of how their Tableau Server resources were being utilized.


While the built-in capabilities of Tableau gave them a general understanding, the platform owners wanted to ensure the solution was provisioned correctly and was applied as the company’s global analytics platform.

They also wanted insights as to why certain dashboards were loading more slowly, decreasing user experience and adoption of Tableau Server. To measure

performance, the client wanted to see dashboard level CPU usage. They also wanted alerts to indicate when specific criteria were met so they could act immediately.


Starschema deployed two in-house products — Palette Insight and Palette Trust. Palette Insight enabled our client to gain deep insights for their Tableau utilization and triggered alerts. Palette Trust provided an easy way to manage alerts and notify users about the ongoing events.


With professional services assistance and Starschema’s products, the client now has the real-time data and control over Tableau Server they wanted. They know exactly how Tableau Server — and each dashboard — is performing. The solution enabled them to improve Tableau query load times by an order of magnitude and immediately solved 60% of Tableau dashboard performance-related issues.

They can also easily let their Tableau users know when there is an ongoing course of action.

Customer Segmentation at an Energy Company

Our client, a retail gas and electricity provider, operates a call center to facilitate customer requests and to offer complementary services, such as equipment maintenance.

Using Data to Improve Global Supply Chains

Over 60% of the world’s global seaborne trade is shipped using intermodal freight containers, and the ports that manage them serve as central points for supply chains – over 90% of global trade is conducted through ports.

Optimizing Data Visualization

Great visualizations can make data come alive, leading to better insights and decisions. Data consumers of every kind rely on dashboards to perform their work, but they have a common complaint, slow loading times.

Palette Insight

Palette Insight provides actionable intelligence about your Tableau deployment to help you maximize the benefits of Tableau Server.


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