Five AI Trends in Healthcare to Watch in 2022

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has resulted in an often-confusing array of available solutions – many of which have been touted to be revolutionizing the healthcare industry. But the reality is that the maturity and domain-specific applicability of these solutions can vary greatly, which makes it especially difficult to identify the most effective technologies for health-specific use cases.

This white paper leverages first-hand experience with planning and implementing AI for healthcare-related applications to introduce five proven AI solutions to challenges that healthcare providers are facing today.

By reading this white paper, you will learn the main opportunities and challenges of

  • structuring clinical notes and extract information with Clinical Language Models;
  • performing routine measurements with Computer Vision;
  • triaging and evaluate patients without face-to-face contact with Chatbots;
  • reducing spending on inpatient and outpatient tests and reducing patient discomfort with Smart Devices;
  • providing a comprehensive picture of patients and preventive care with All-Source Intelligence.

See for yourself.

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