COVID-19 Case Count Trajectory Starter Dashboard

Everyone wants to know when America could once again open up for business. To better understand factors influencing this decision, The White House Coronavirus Task Force presented a data-driven approach to state-by-state relaxation of public health measures. This includes: downwards trending trajectories of influenza-like illnesses, COVID-19-like syndromic cases, diagnosed cases and declining positive test percentage in the presence of a robust testing program for at-risk workers and vulnerable populations.

To give citizens, enterprises and NGOs a view of progress towards meeting the quantitative gating criteria in every state, we created the Case Status Dashboard. This is a publicly available interactive data visualization that indicates the trajectory of cases as well as the trajectory of positive cases as a percent of total cases.

Opening up America Again pic

This visualization uses up-to-date information from the Starschema COVID-19 data set, a public free-of-charge resource available on the Snowflake Data Exchange. We will continue to integrate additional functionality in this dashboard, and introduce complimentary dashboards, with the intent for it to be a source of situational awareness to help users assess how close states of their concern are to meeting the criteria for re-opening. This glimpse into when a state may be eligible for re-opening under the federal guidelines can inform decision-making on a wide range of issues — from managing supply chains to determining when employees may be ready to go back to work.

This can also serve as a starter dashboard that can be integrated with a company's own data sets for deeper more company-specific analysis.

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