Enterprise-Class Write-Back and Collaboration for Tableau

Elements for Tableau enables you to communicate and adjust data directly from within your dashboards. This leads to better productivity and faster, deeper insights. Never again will you have to resort to email, Teams or Slack to discuss the data and insights found in your dashboards. Unlock Tableau dashboard collaboration today.

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Transform Dashboards 

Gain faster and better insights by eliminating inefficient and cumbersome data review and communication processes. Analyze, discuss and enrich data together, directly in Tableau, rather than resorting to email or another communication tool.

Annotate Data 

You can use annotations as additional data next to the raw and aggregated data and as a replacement for the original data, virtually overwriting it in the dashboard. All annotations are stored in a separate auditable database and can be reverted anytime.

Comment Anywhere

Tailor annotations to specific use cases, from simple commenting to complex surveys. Using our handy form builder, Administrators can create custom UIs from atomic building blocks — text fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc.

Manage Access

Precisely control who can annotate data, approve a comment or configure the system. Multitenancy isolates work and data for different departments and groups.

Ensure Security and Compliance 

With its own database, Elements ensures that no data leaves your premises and gives you full storage control and audit capabilities. For added data accuracy and security, you can integrate an approval workflow to ensure that new comments are reviewed before publishing.

Customize It 

Built on a flexible code base customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization, Elements can quickly accommodate a new type of database or authentication method, custom branding and localization, new input methods and completely new features.

Make Tableau dashboard collaboration easy – and get better results.

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