Building faster Tableau dashboards for Netflix

Building faster Tableau dashboards for Netflix

Netflix is an entertainment industry leader known for streaming media and film production, serving over 93 million subscribers worldwide and owning huge assets of data.
As part of our engagement, we have rebuilt one of Netflix’s Tableau dashboards to include a full live dataset (~3 years’ worth of content data) instead of a limited extract (containing only 28 days’ worth of the same). We achieved significant performance gains compared to Netflix’s initial attempts of creating a dashboard with live data (~10x faster first dashboard load), by leveraging our profound knowledge of the inner workings of Tableau Server and our deep expertise in data modeling methods. We were also granted to test the performance of two competing big data technologies to host the data for the dashboard and made recommendations on selecting the optimal one.

And here’s how we did it all: Starschema CTO Tamás Földi’s stellar presentation on how to make faster dashboards @ Netflix HQ, hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group (October 2016)

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